Saturday, 4 May 2013

A visit from Saint Laurent himself

I went shopping for some last few essentials for my trip to LA/ San Francisco (excited!) and was obviously side tracked in a Vintage Boutique when I saw a stunning pair of high waisted Real Suede trousers. I have always had a love for suede and a particular fondness of anything that looks like it could be worn, extremely impractically and perhaps dangerously, in the desert. So of course I tried them on...

 Good fit, sumptuous, edible Suede that screamed luxury- I was sold!

 The feel, weight and tailoring of them felt so good that I checked the label, thinking they must be at least Topshop or Zara.
So you can imagine my face when I saw this label; a ray of light shone upon the fitting room!

Saint Laurent indeed!

I couldn't wait to pay for them, whatever the cost, as they are just so beautiful!

Now the decision I have to make is to keep or to sell? ...