Sunday, 4 August 2013

Sunshine, champagne and Sequins...

Excuse me for being so stereotypically British, however, it's such a shame to not comment on (and photograph) the long stretch of beautiful weather that we have experienced in recent months. Not only did we make it through Glastonbury with the sun beating down, it continued throughout July, which included many Family Birthdays and friend's BBQs.

Naturally, I seized the opportunity to embrace my inner Greek Goddess; this included white, gold sequins, chignons, white nail varnish, orange Hermes loafers and, of course, a black feathered fan!

Sweat and Chic cannot co-exist

Table of Birthday Goodies for my fabulous mum
Versace belt getting yet another outing... (Margarita, the most important accessory!)

Summer evenings are the best


Hope you are having a wonderful time, whatever you're doing!
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