Saturday, 30 March 2013

Glastonbury Glamour

Cannot contain my excitement at the confirmation that The Rolling Stones will be headlining Glastonbury this year!!

Looking as fabulous now as they did all those years ago
This will be my 3rd Glastonbury, having seen Stevie Wonder and Beyonce in past visits- the weather was significantly better the first time.

Note the lack of wellies

 They were a necessity the year after (not even mud could ruin going to see Beyonce!)
Last minute throw in £1.00 plastic poncho- PRICELESS

Hope the grass is dry enough to sit on this year...
Heaven: Sunbathing, with cider and live background music, and a magnificent view of Worthy Farm

I always dreamt they would play, as they are my favourite band of all time, but never thought it would happen. They are the original heavyweight rockstars, bursting with talent, charisma and GLAMOUR.
My mum has insisted that I am topless on someones shoulders throughout the performance- suppose I must do as I am told!

Festival wardrobe will hopefully include a combination of classic denim cut-offs, sequins and black sheer garments (under my fifteen hoodies and waterproof coat, of course).

Who's going? What will you be wearing?

I am selling a pair of Levi denim shorts here:

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Dream of Celine

One of my favourite ways to spend a Thursday morning is strolling around Spitalfields Market and the abundance of Vintage shops in the surrounding area. The process of discovering hidden treasure is literally never-ending! (Re-fuelling with a delicious brunch in The Lux is a necessity). A recent example is this bracelet...

My life is an on-going quest to find more gold costume jewellery, but this one is exactly what I have been wishing I had for a while now. Many designers have showcased jewellery featuring a smooth gold ('-tone' in my case!) section, perhaps to be monogrammed.

I was willing to exchange it for a pound of flesh so when the seller asked for a modest £4.00, I happily dealt.

It reminded me of the Celine stunner that we were teased with last year

Celine (Approximately £430)

Goes very well with my Pastel Pink Zara blazer!

To engrave or not to engrave? That is the question...

I am selling some items of gold jewellery here:

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Pastel perfection

Although I am forever in black, I have a weakness for beautiful shades of pastel. Especially during Easter time and when they come in the form of a sharp Zara tailored blazer in Mini-egg-esque pink! I coveted this jacket last spring, however, didn't buy it and they sold out very quickly, leaving me filled with regret.

(It isn't grubby, I assure you #strangefilter)
So you can imagine my delight when, at a carboot last week, I spotted it on a rail, in almost perfect condition in my size, for £3.00!

I added my own gold buttons, naturally.

Similar to this Elizabeth and James piece
Sammi Pastel Pink £335
And, of course, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen work it best!
The Row Pre-fall collection (around £1200 for jacket)

Perfect for my mini pre-Easter tea and homemade cake afternoon! (ignoring the snow)