Sunday, 24 March 2013

Pastel perfection

Although I am forever in black, I have a weakness for beautiful shades of pastel. Especially during Easter time and when they come in the form of a sharp Zara tailored blazer in Mini-egg-esque pink! I coveted this jacket last spring, however, didn't buy it and they sold out very quickly, leaving me filled with regret.

(It isn't grubby, I assure you #strangefilter)
So you can imagine my delight when, at a carboot last week, I spotted it on a rail, in almost perfect condition in my size, for £3.00!

I added my own gold buttons, naturally.

Similar to this Elizabeth and James piece
Sammi Pastel Pink £335
And, of course, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen work it best!
The Row Pre-fall collection (around £1200 for jacket)

Perfect for my mini pre-Easter tea and homemade cake afternoon! (ignoring the snow)


  1. I love the blazers from Zara! Always fit perfect and the color is beautiful too! X

  2. Pretty!

    xo Jennifer