Sunday, 30 December 2012

Reaching New Heights

Zara have stepped it up a notch the over past year. Not only have they been able to interpret the best looks from the catwalk and create their own gorgeous, high quality versions for a very reasonable price, they are doing their bit to save the Smartly Dressed Man- which is an endangered specie these days.

I'm finding it difficult to remember the last time I went shopping there and didn't return home with a ridiculous, impractical, fabulous pair of shoes that I simply couldn't live without. These are my two latest acquisitions:

 (Vamp Shoe reduced to £29.99)
(Gold Shoes with wedge heel reduced to £39.99)
I initially bought the Celine-esque gold ones thinking they would have to be saved for Summer, but then remembered similar styles had featured in many A/W collections.
 Celine 2012

Celine  /  Zara
The last picture is encouraging me to wear the gold for New Years Eve.
I also couldn't resist buying this jacket from the New Collection
All set for 2013!
Hope you have a good'n!
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One Pound Epiphany

I have always wondered what all the 'J-Brand Jeans' hype was for, assuming there couldn't be a great deal of difference from good ol' Topshop skinnies. That was until last week, when I bought a pair for £1 in a car boot. Stretchy, comfortable, peel-on/shimmy-in levels of fitted-ness that at least just feel as if they are giving your bum and thighs a helping hand! No wonder Kate Middleton swears by them.

(Excuse the poor quality pictures- post long day of shopping)
It's safe to say I am now a J-Brand convert. The one pound price tag evens out the guilt when worn with the £400 coat!
I'm afraid I don't have any jeans for sale, however, these Zara trousers are perfect for any occasion:

Saturday, 29 December 2012

London and Leopards

We decided to have a last minute Christmas shopping trip to London last week and it seemed to be more Christmassy than ever! Portobello market felt like a scene from a Christmas Carol...

...however, more of an x-rated version involving a real leopard fur coat (sorry) and our very own Angel Gabriel (Steve in Rellik) telling us that it is a life investment and that we should go back and purchase it at once!

Having coveted Kate Moss' all-time favourite leopard coat for many years, and searched the length and breadth of Paris for one, we knew it was coming home with us. Although couldn't resist bargaining down to £400 (priceless really!).
Then continued to buy some last minute treats from Fortnum and Mason- where everything, even down to the last mint humbug, is perfection.

Always expect to bump into Tom Hanks in a RomCom-esque Christmas scene!


Made a quick pitstop to Claridges for a glass of champagne before looking at more Glamour on Bond Street.

(Miu Miu)

We took this as a sign that we were meant to buy the coat; £400 seemed like £40 in our champagne haze!
I am selling a faux fur leopard print coat, now that I'll be living in this one, it's only fair it should go to a loving home! Rare sample Dorothy Perkins find from Notting Hill in the summer:

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Brief Encounter

Bought some lace garments from a carboot a few months ago; managed to compromise on a collective price of £4 for a dress, long top (dress) and a large pair of lace pants. Figured that even if they couldn't be altered that any lace is useful lace! They began as wide legged, flared, sitting-on-hip and I narrowed the legs and made them high waisted so that they were more wearable and 'up to date'.

I envisioned them looking similar to these:

Chanel 2012 

Lanvin 2012

Finally gave them an outing on Saturday night; worn with a plain black long sleeve Topshop crop top and heels. Despite the sub-zero temperatures, I thought I would show off the material, and channel the 2012 Gucci collection, by just having a pair of High Waisted briefs underneath (John Lewis Own Brand).
(Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Gucci S/S 2012; inspired and intimidated me in equal amounts!)

Once I had gotten over the initial gone out naked/ wearing a nappy feeling, I have to say I was rather happy in them- interesting alternative to my usual LBD!

Vintage silk black crop top for sale:

Friday, 14 December 2012

Winter Wonderland

We enjoy decorating our house almost as much as adorning ourselves in clothing and accessories. There are bows and fairy lights around the house throughout the year, so holidays and special occasions are an excuse for us to step it up a notch! This year, our jewellery and creativity have merged- resulting in earrings on our ‘Christmas Tree’ and glitter in the garden.  Our most glamorous Christmas yet!

Haven't gone for the traditional Christmas Tree this year, but opted for this 'Winter Wonderland' one from John Lewis (around £90/ 7ft tall), with its own lights and fake snow.

...then decorated it with vintage earrings- and a little bird that we couldn't resist! (John Lewis £4)

 (N.O.E.L  John Lewis £15)
(N.O.E.L from home boutique around 6 years ago- can't remember the name/price)
'N.O.E.L' lettering provides a chic hint of classic festivity.
Always wanted a moose's head of some sort in the house- but the hint of tacky, almost garish, look of them put us off. However, when we saw this lady in John Lewis it was love at first sight! White solid material but engraved 'cable knit' creates the perfect stylish, yet cosy appearance for above the fireplace. Only a matter of time before she has earrings/ a necklace on!

Added a black grosgrain ribbon bow to this wreath that we've had for years to give it a 'Jo Malone' makeover.
Sparkly baubles from a vintage shop suspended from a black ribbon are a fabulous way to decorate the windows.
Even the summer house and garden haven't escaped the festivities, despite the miserable weather.
All finished off with the scent of Jo Malone's limited edition 'Pine & Eucalyptus' fragrance- smells exactly of a real pine Christmas Tree. (Diffuser £45)
(Creative Director and head of Visual Merchandising is of course my ever-glamorous, genius mum who it all comes effortlessly to!)

Sunday, 9 December 2012


In this household we’re 40% Goth, so are fully embracing the current Crucifix trend; seen on the Versace catwalk for AW12.
(Versace A/W 2012)
Imagine my delight when I spotted these beauties at a Car Boot sale for £1!

(You'll have to imagine they're Instagrammed)

The design and velvet element also reminds me of the Baroque vibe throughout the Dolce & Gabbana 2012 collection. Obvs made an appearance, or ten, in my Paris wardrobe.

(Dolce & Gabbana 2012)
Couldn't mention Crucifixes without showing these...

(Harper's Bazaar Spain- June 2011)
As I tend to only wear Gold jewellery these days, I am selling a silver vintage charm bracelet with cross pendants on it:
and a pair of vintage earrings:

Friday, 7 December 2012


I have had to accept the harsh reality that my all-time favourite flat criss-cross shoes have been worn out. My love of ‘crissy-crossy shoes’, as I called them, I think stems from my style icon mum who had ballet pumps in gold, black, navy, coral… that I used to try on every day. They seem to be rising in the Fashion Stakes due to featuring in the Dior and Louboutin Fall 2012 collection and, most recently, being worn by the stunning Kate Upton in January 2013 Vogue.
(Dior Fall 2012)

(Louboutin 'Crosspiga' design)

(Vogue Jan 2013 -Manolo Blahnik £550)

Anyway, I have searched high and low for the equivalent- which does NOT exist, without the odd stiletto heel/ painful metal hooks/ random purple flower on the front. So I decided to take matters into my own hands (literally) and put my arts & crafts skills to the test. When shopping in London I bought some plain black shiny ballet pumps from Forever21 and thought that with a bit of glue, some elastic, and a strong will, I could produce a custom-made pair. How hard could it be? I had already comforted myself with the fact that if unsuccessful they were only £5 so no great loss. BUT IT WORKED!


...and I thought those days watching Art Attack were merely for entertainment.

Similar strappy sandals can be bought here from my eBay account:

as well as 2 pairs of plain black court shoes- putting black elastic on them is optional!

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Crocodile Frock

One of my favourite places in the world to go for a Fashion Fix is Dover Street Market. Its eclectic mix of up-and-coming designers and classic tailoring (with the odd stuffed animal in a glass cabinet) provides me with an abundance of wardrobe inspiration for the coming season. On my last visit, I was mesmerised by this stunning Alaїa creation; his trademark body-sculpting, hourglass design in sumptuous black shiny crocodile skin. It was at that moment I decided that I was not going to make it through Autumn/ Winter without an element of this material in my life.

(Dover Street Market First Floor)

Having tore myself away from the mannequin, accepting that I MIGHT not splash out on the £3,000 beauty, I found these at a car boot sale. Ignoring the fact that they were ever so slightly small on me, I bought and displayed them in the house oh so proudly. After many unsuccessful attempts of feet shrinking I have listed them on eBay so that they can be aptly strutted down the street the way Azzedine Alaїa intended!