Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Brief Encounter

Bought some lace garments from a carboot a few months ago; managed to compromise on a collective price of £4 for a dress, long top (dress) and a large pair of lace pants. Figured that even if they couldn't be altered that any lace is useful lace! They began as wide legged, flared, sitting-on-hip and I narrowed the legs and made them high waisted so that they were more wearable and 'up to date'.

I envisioned them looking similar to these:

Chanel 2012 

Lanvin 2012

Finally gave them an outing on Saturday night; worn with a plain black long sleeve Topshop crop top and heels. Despite the sub-zero temperatures, I thought I would show off the material, and channel the 2012 Gucci collection, by just having a pair of High Waisted briefs underneath (John Lewis Own Brand).
(Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Gucci S/S 2012; inspired and intimidated me in equal amounts!)

Once I had gotten over the initial gone out naked/ wearing a nappy feeling, I have to say I was rather happy in them- interesting alternative to my usual LBD!

Vintage silk black crop top for sale:

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