Sunday, 30 December 2012

Reaching New Heights

Zara have stepped it up a notch the over past year. Not only have they been able to interpret the best looks from the catwalk and create their own gorgeous, high quality versions for a very reasonable price, they are doing their bit to save the Smartly Dressed Man- which is an endangered specie these days.

I'm finding it difficult to remember the last time I went shopping there and didn't return home with a ridiculous, impractical, fabulous pair of shoes that I simply couldn't live without. These are my two latest acquisitions:

 (Vamp Shoe reduced to £29.99)
(Gold Shoes with wedge heel reduced to £39.99)
I initially bought the Celine-esque gold ones thinking they would have to be saved for Summer, but then remembered similar styles had featured in many A/W collections.
 Celine 2012

Celine  /  Zara
The last picture is encouraging me to wear the gold for New Years Eve.
I also couldn't resist buying this jacket from the New Collection
All set for 2013!
Hope you have a good'n!
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