Friday, 14 December 2012

Winter Wonderland

We enjoy decorating our house almost as much as adorning ourselves in clothing and accessories. There are bows and fairy lights around the house throughout the year, so holidays and special occasions are an excuse for us to step it up a notch! This year, our jewellery and creativity have merged- resulting in earrings on our ‘Christmas Tree’ and glitter in the garden.  Our most glamorous Christmas yet!

Haven't gone for the traditional Christmas Tree this year, but opted for this 'Winter Wonderland' one from John Lewis (around £90/ 7ft tall), with its own lights and fake snow.

...then decorated it with vintage earrings- and a little bird that we couldn't resist! (John Lewis £4)

 (N.O.E.L  John Lewis £15)
(N.O.E.L from home boutique around 6 years ago- can't remember the name/price)
'N.O.E.L' lettering provides a chic hint of classic festivity.
Always wanted a moose's head of some sort in the house- but the hint of tacky, almost garish, look of them put us off. However, when we saw this lady in John Lewis it was love at first sight! White solid material but engraved 'cable knit' creates the perfect stylish, yet cosy appearance for above the fireplace. Only a matter of time before she has earrings/ a necklace on!

Added a black grosgrain ribbon bow to this wreath that we've had for years to give it a 'Jo Malone' makeover.
Sparkly baubles from a vintage shop suspended from a black ribbon are a fabulous way to decorate the windows.
Even the summer house and garden haven't escaped the festivities, despite the miserable weather.
All finished off with the scent of Jo Malone's limited edition 'Pine & Eucalyptus' fragrance- smells exactly of a real pine Christmas Tree. (Diffuser £45)
(Creative Director and head of Visual Merchandising is of course my ever-glamorous, genius mum who it all comes effortlessly to!)

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