Sunday, 30 December 2012

One Pound Epiphany

I have always wondered what all the 'J-Brand Jeans' hype was for, assuming there couldn't be a great deal of difference from good ol' Topshop skinnies. That was until last week, when I bought a pair for £1 in a car boot. Stretchy, comfortable, peel-on/shimmy-in levels of fitted-ness that at least just feel as if they are giving your bum and thighs a helping hand! No wonder Kate Middleton swears by them.

(Excuse the poor quality pictures- post long day of shopping)
It's safe to say I am now a J-Brand convert. The one pound price tag evens out the guilt when worn with the £400 coat!
I'm afraid I don't have any jeans for sale, however, these Zara trousers are perfect for any occasion:

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