Saturday, 29 December 2012

London and Leopards

We decided to have a last minute Christmas shopping trip to London last week and it seemed to be more Christmassy than ever! Portobello market felt like a scene from a Christmas Carol...

...however, more of an x-rated version involving a real leopard fur coat (sorry) and our very own Angel Gabriel (Steve in Rellik) telling us that it is a life investment and that we should go back and purchase it at once!

Having coveted Kate Moss' all-time favourite leopard coat for many years, and searched the length and breadth of Paris for one, we knew it was coming home with us. Although couldn't resist bargaining down to £400 (priceless really!).
Then continued to buy some last minute treats from Fortnum and Mason- where everything, even down to the last mint humbug, is perfection.

Always expect to bump into Tom Hanks in a RomCom-esque Christmas scene!


Made a quick pitstop to Claridges for a glass of champagne before looking at more Glamour on Bond Street.

(Miu Miu)

We took this as a sign that we were meant to buy the coat; £400 seemed like £40 in our champagne haze!
I am selling a faux fur leopard print coat, now that I'll be living in this one, it's only fair it should go to a loving home! Rare sample Dorothy Perkins find from Notting Hill in the summer:

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