Thursday, 28 March 2013

Dream of Celine

One of my favourite ways to spend a Thursday morning is strolling around Spitalfields Market and the abundance of Vintage shops in the surrounding area. The process of discovering hidden treasure is literally never-ending! (Re-fuelling with a delicious brunch in The Lux is a necessity). A recent example is this bracelet...

My life is an on-going quest to find more gold costume jewellery, but this one is exactly what I have been wishing I had for a while now. Many designers have showcased jewellery featuring a smooth gold ('-tone' in my case!) section, perhaps to be monogrammed.

I was willing to exchange it for a pound of flesh so when the seller asked for a modest £4.00, I happily dealt.

It reminded me of the Celine stunner that we were teased with last year

Celine (Approximately £430)

Goes very well with my Pastel Pink Zara blazer!

To engrave or not to engrave? That is the question...

I am selling some items of gold jewellery here:

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