Saturday, 15 June 2013

California Dreaming

Haven't posted on here for a while as I have been living it up in California!

I was very much looking forward to going on the road trip, with my two best friends, thinking it would be a lifetime experience, see the Hollywood sign,  plastic fantastic locals and a Kardashian or two! But I never dreamt the overwhelming beauty that I would be surrounded by, instant contentment and a feel of homeliness- largely due to the extremely friendly people over there. A credit to their country!

We stayed on The Sunset Strip (opposite The Viper Room and Johnny Depp's house, next door to The Standard Hotel and around the corner from Chateau Marmont) a.k.a The Best Location EVER. Yet the most wonderful thing about it was that not once where we made to feel out of place or unworthy of being in such exclusive venues; meeting fascinating and friendly people each day. I could, and probably have, endlessly praise the beautiful beaches, gleaming streets, picturesque greenery, delicious and varied cuisine and fabulous fashion. Downtown L.A has an array of vintage clothing shops where I made some excellent purchases, including the perfect Levis denim skirt and lots of gold jewellery- for a change!

Palm trees make me happy, Santa Monica Beach
Adam Sandler was a guest on The Tonight Show that we were in the audience of

Sunset Strip, Sunset Boulevard

The Epicentre of culture that is Venice Beach


Rodeo Drive
With my new favourite Saint Laurent bag!

Being 'papped' outside Chateau Marmont

 Malibu Pier
Although almost heartbroken to be leaving L.A, we were excited for the next leg of our trip; driving to San Francisco. The journey along the coast, through country vineyards and across mountainous terrains was breathtaking. Luckily we were able to take in the sights and enjoy the drive because of the calm fellow drivers, well-controlled road speeds and, of course, automatic driving! Even short stop offs in Santa Barbara, Monterey and San Luis Abispo were heartwarming and made us fall further in love with the US of A. (Palazzo Giuseppe in San Luis is a must for a delicious Italian...and the food's nice too!).
Coastal cruising
Santa Barbara

We entered San Fran on the stunning Golden Gate Bridge, seeing the skyline was like entering a mini New York, combined with the rows of darling coloured unique houses straight from Milk or Mrs Doubtfire. The city screams Fashion; stunning men in Sartorial-esque tailoring and Kennedy-worthy heads of hair, the women are creative yet classic and work layering like no others! Speak-easy bars with handsome 'tenders, the juxtaposed traditional trams with buzzing modern architecture and boutiques- then there's ALCATRAZ; it was certainly a contrast to LA but every bit as superb and welcoming.
 Golden Gate Bridge
 Delicious cocktails...

If you have even continued to read this far then you'll be glad to know that my Oscar-Acceptance-Speech-length post is coming to an end; it's not a case of me bragging about a trip but more that I feel I have to spread the word of how you can go to the glamour hub of the world, be welcomed and have the time of your life.

God Bless America!

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